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Useful information

We were trying to gather the information, which would help you when you are on vacations in Alushta and first visit of the city.

How should I get to the booked apartments in Crimea (Krym)? How should I make calls? What souvenirs can I buy for good memories on vacations in Crimea (Krym)? All this information (and even much more), you can easily find here.


The climate in Crimea is sub-tropical (dry). Southern coast of Crimea called sub-Mediterranean. Summer in the Crimea is hot, sunny and dry. It lasts from mid May to late September. Average temperatures: May - 25 º, June - 29 º, July, August - 32 º; sea water : May, June - 19 º, July, August - 23 º.


Local time EEST. Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +2 hours


The entry to Ukraine is allowed to the citizens of Russia and Belarus for the term up to 90 days, provided that they have national (internal) passports and the immigration card with a note of border control. The citizens of Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, European Union, USA , Canada and Japan – are allowed to cross the border of Ukraine with the foreign passports, but without a visa. Citizens of Turkmenistan can visit Ukraine with foreign passports and visa. Children must have a birth certificate and notarized authorization from the parents (if they travel unaccompanied by parents or going with relatives or in group).


National currency of Ukraine is hryvnia. Exchangers can be easily found in the airport, railway stations and banks. Usually they work without breaks and weekends. It is safer to use the services of currency exchange offices, which are licensed by the National Bank. We recommend you to exchange money in cities, because in the resorts the exchange rate may be undervalued.


Phone services in Crimea are not causing any problems. Public phones accept cards "Ukrtelecom" or coins. Phone cards can be bought in post offices and kiosks. The price for cards starts at 1-2 USD and are designed for different amounts of time to speak.

Also the call-back service is available from any city or country to the specific phone. The phone number of this particular phone is placed on sticker somewhere around the phone box. Of course, in this case the caller pays for the conversation. The rates are dependent on the service provider of the caller. Charging begins immediately after the first “bip”.

Calling rules from local phones:

0 - area code - number of public phone:
For international calls : + (or 00) - Code of Ukraine (380) - area code - number of public phone.

Additionally, you can use any of  three leading mobile operators MTS, Kyivstar and «Life», these operators use the standard GSM 900/1800/1900, CDMA, D-AMPS.


To Crimea, Sevastopol and Simferopol, you can easily reach by train from almost all cities of Ukraine. You can get there by plane – there are scheduled flights to Simferopol by Aeroflot, Aerosvit, Ukraine International Airlines, Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines, Turkish Airlines and others, to Sevastopol - Belbek airport - regular flights from Moscow in the summer.
The railway connections are also available with all major cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus (including the connection over the Kerch Strait, which recently started to work again). From Sevastopol several times a month you can easily book a place in boat to Turkey.

Regular trolley connection is available among the cities of Krym. App. time to Alushta - 1 hour 30 min., to Yalta - 2 hours 40 minutes. The  bus station ticket office is located right next to the railway station. Bus routes: Yalta (through Alushtu) Simeiz (in Alushta, Yalta) Yevpatoriya - Pischane, Sevastopol (in Bakhchisarai), Sudak, Feodosia.


Interested in buying souvenirs? Let us help you to choose on in Crimea.

Crimean wines. We encourage you to buy only in official stores. It’s not cheaper but it’s better. Paintings, photography and souvenirs of the Crimea. They can be purchased during walks along the promenade of Yalta, Gurzuf Sevastopol, Alushta, Feodosia and Evpatoria. In Sevastopol you can buy Chersonese pottery - jugs, vases, pendants, in Yalta - Crimea watercolor painting, jewelry made of wood, corals, in Alushta - herbal teas and essential oils of Alushta Valley and surrounding foothills.

Airports and railway station in Krym

All the schedules of flights and train schedule you can check on: (airport) (railway)

Tel. numbers of the railway stations:

 Pre-sale - (065) 66-34-18, 66-21-11

 Pre-sale (0692) 54-00-80, -81, -82, -84, 36-60-74;
 Customer Service - (0692) 48-73-61;
 Help - (0692) 54-30-77;

 Pre-sale (0654) 32-20-51, 32-43-47
 Help - 0-05;

 Help - (06569) 5-14-11;

 ticket orders - (06560) 3-33-31

pre-sale (06561) 2-00-29;

 Railway Station - (06564) 9-23-37;
 Customer Service - (06564) 9-35-25.

Good to know

Rules of entrance (departure) of the foreigners to Ukraine
Russian embassy to Ukraine
Embassy of Poland in Ukraine
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
U.S. Embassy in Ukraine
Romanian Embassy in Ukraine (Kotsiubynsky str. 8, Kiev, tel:. (+38 044) 234-52-61, 234-00-40, fax (+38 044) 235-20-25, romania(at)
Embassy of the Czech Republic to Ukraine
Embassy of the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine (Sichnevogo Povstannia str. 6, Kiev,, (044) 280-77-22)
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Ukraine


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